Straight talk time.
You set up a website, but you aren’t really getting the results you desire from it. And that, my friend, is a big problem. This is a quick email to let you know the top reasons why your site is not working for you… and how to change that.

Your site has WAY too much going on
Your site is confusing because you included everything… about you and what you do –or- you tried to combine two very different parts of your business into one site.  Because of this, visitors are unsure what to focus on and leave.

Your website is not tailored to your audience
You wrote your website content based on your business plan or pulled it from a brochure instead of creating content and navigation based on what your viewers are actually looking for. Because your site is noDo to Fix itt tailored to your end users, your visitors actually overlook all the awesome stuff you offer.

You have way too much copy
Each page of your site is a small novel. Visitors skim the copy but don’t read it, therefore they miss the cool stuff.

You don’t have strong Call To Actions
You’ve added a contact form or a buy now button, but the graphics and language are not compelling, and therefore your Call To Actions (CTAs) fall flat.

You aren’t capturing email leads to your site.
People are visiting your site, but because you don’t have a compelling offer or newsletter signup, you are not capturing their email and contact info.

There’s help…Schedule a free review website review with me. I’ll give you a fresh perspective on your website and show you some easy ways to fix the big issues.

Just send me a note to schedule.
A few tweaks could have a huge impact on your bottom line.