There is an often used cliché that says “You can’t see the forest for the trees. And like most clichés, in many cases it rings true – especially when it comes to your own business.

When it comes to marketing and branding, a lot of times you are so in the middle of your own stuff, good or bad that you can’t see it. You’re so in the middle of the forest as a business owner you don’t quite remember how you got there, or where you are going. I offer brand strategy sessions that where together we can:

  • Review your visual brand identity with suggestions and action items
  • Critique your website for messaging and effectiveness
  • Create a success road map plan for your marketing efforts
  • Develop your content/editorial calendar

Branding and marketing strategy sessions work best when:

  • You have a great concept, but you feel like you are spinning in circles.
  • You aren’t happy with where you are at or what you have done but you don’t know what to do without wasting all your previous efforts. You need to easily leverage those efforts into something new.


  •  Maybe you are on fire with hot ideas and have no one around who gets it or gets who can help flesh them out or prioritize.
  • You really are do-it-yourself type, but maybe you need a checkpoint set up to help you stay focused and help you with challenges questions and issues.

If you need help with any of these items and are looking for a partner with great business and savvy but with the care of a trusted friend, contact me! Been there done that but have advice for other? Leave a comment!