The  Create + Elevate business workshop that I hosted on Saturday was so much fun!!  Although I have taught classes and done a fair amount of speaking at events and workshops, this is the first one (of this type) that I actually hosted myself. I am happy for this new beginning and excited about more events that I am planning!

First I was humbled and inspired by the participants. In attendance were photographers, life coaches, product based businesses, a real estate agent and several graphic designers.

The presentation  I prepared addressed the common issues that most small business owners (especially those who provide creative services) face and new ways to address and fix them, so that we can have more fun and get more clients for our businesses.

The thing that I enjoyed most was the interaction between people and how everyone was eager to jump in and help with questions that were posed. each of us has a unique perspective and that is what the value is in getting in a room with others to share how we tackle problems as well as our successes.

I am planning the next event as well as an exciting challenge for small business owners. Stay tuned for details 🙂

Some of the attendees.

The dynamic duo! Nicole and Alison! and


 What was the point! I think it is that we had fun!

ps thanks to my just do it team. Sawanda, Jonetta, Folami and Julie…and others!