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This year I have been fortunate enough to be a  member of a group of about seven amazing entrepreneur women. This is our fourth month of meeting and it is wonderful to see how our goals are coming into fruition. The group helps me in  so many ways. They help me realize:

1. I am not alone – Each of these women faces the same challenges of balancing work, family life and the unexpected things in life like deaths and illness. Just being around others with the same real-life situations helps so much!

2. I am not crazy – The group is the epitome of an A-Ha moment. Whenever I have a bunch of the ‘crazies’ rattling around in my old brain, I talk  them out with my group and  they give me direction, focus and clarity. Sometimes the crazies lead to the best ideas!

3. There is strength in numbers – Between our small group, we have friends, resources, experience and a whole bunch of knowledge we can share with each other.

4. It’s ok to..- Change your mind, change direction, change your approach..

5. You’ve got to do the work. Day by day, week by week. You’ve gotta have a plan and work it. We all know that. We help hold each other accountable

The road isn’t always pretty but we are getting there . I’d love to hear from you. Who is in your support group? Where do you get inspiration and motivation from?