How to plan an editorial calendarA few weeks ago I shared to my email subscribers  how  I struggled to create  content for my own website, although I used to work professionally as a content producer. Crazy, huh? When it came to creating content for my own social media channels and blogs, I really had a hard time. I knew exactly what to do – I just didn’t apply the same principles and strategies I had used when content creation was my full time job.  I thought I could wing it and that was a huge problem.

It’s easy to shortcut tasks in your own business, a mistake I see many entrepreneurs make. Sometimes writing blogs and posting to social media channels falls to the bottom of your to-do list and for many, this causes a lot of frustration and anxiety. This post is less about the technical and strategic thinking around blogging,  and more about the emotions and energy around creating content. Once you get past some of the emotional roadblocks, you can focus on blogging and creating content to build your brand.

  • If your time is limited you have to be strategic about the posts you create. That means  you want to go for quality, not quantity.
  • Free yourself of the guilt. Don’t beat yourself up if you have times where you can’t blog or posts. Always remember there are people who can blog and post more than  you. Don’t compare yourself to others. Find a pace and rhythm that is comfortable for you – that may be once a day, once a week. There is no right answer.
  • Don’t try to be everywhere all the time. Decide which channels help you achieve your goals and build your content plan around those channels.
  • Focus on creating the content types that you are passionate about. For some that will mean writing blogs, for others, that will be videos and blogging. Still others may enjoy creating visual content.

I’ve taken the  tools I used to turn around my own content creation woes and put them in an easy to follow book.  If you are feeling guilt because you know you need to be blogging or posting but aren’t this is for you!

Remix: Your Guide to Creating and Mixing Online Content to Build Your Brand is now available for digital download. It approaches content creation from the vantage point of a busy entrepreneur, with both strategy and easy to follow activities to help you create and grow your online presence. Follow the link to get your copy now.