If you’ve visited my website lately, you probably notice some updates I’ve made and the soft launch of my blog, Life in Digital. And if you visit frequently, you will continue to see more updates. Over the last year (and much like other businesses), my business has gone through some major changes, and the changes you see reflect my new direction and things to come. If your business is like mine and has grown or evolved, your brand may need to updated as well. Here are some things that I have learned in the process of rebranding my business.

Do your branding homework
Your brand is more than a logo or an identity piece, it is an overall experience that reflects your business. Make sure you’ve read up on branding, and done some critical thinking about who your audience/market is, as well as your goals and objectives. You can even do a little homework by evaluating the branding efforts of businesses big or small. This will help you determine your direction.

Don’t be scared
Don’t be intimidated by the branding process. Have a clear direction and map out a plan of action for creating and launching your new brand.

Let me people know
Change often means growth. If your business is growing in a new or bigger direction, make sure to connect with your current customers and friends and let them know what your are doing. You’d be surprised how much help and referrals you can get by just letting people know what you are up to.

Ask for help
Solicit friends, consultants and objective parties to help you with your branding efforts. Use tools like Survey Monkey to conduct surveys. Getting feedback is important and can help keep you on track!