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I’m so excited about several things that I have in the works. First, I have a new e-book coming out this spring.  I’m teaching a variety of classes in Atlanta in the upcoming months. I’ve also been added as a coach and am very excited to be working with Jonetta Moyo and her fabulous Inspiration Studio in Lawrenceville, GA. All this is exciting and good, but I must admit , I had a moment of mini panic about a week ago, where I had to ask myself, “What are you doing again?” I realized my business objectives and goals have changed over the last year. And while  a lot of my plans for 2012 came or are coming to fruition, there were other things that have become less important to me. I’m moving more towards doing classes and teaching, which I love, but that means that I have to approach my marketing a little differently.  I spent a lot of the last part of 2012 working on my class curriculum and writing, but not doing much marketing. I realized now was a good time to revisit my marketing plan, which was the ah-ha moment after the panic attack. So I’m practicing what I preach and dusting off the old marketing plan with some new ideas for my new direction.

What are your marketing goals for 2013?