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Thanks for visiting. I’m so thrilled you are here. I’m Kia, COE (Chief Officer of Everything) here at Brightsmith Creative. Many years ago, I began working in website design and development. Over the years I’ve done everything from event planning to professional smoothie making to PR to design-lots of lots of design.

But over the last several years I’ve been helping businesses and organizations large and small develop and implement online content and email marketing plans. And something else wonderful happened.. I was given the opportunity to to teach college level classes. My experience teaching has given me a fresh and wonderful new perspective on how I work with my clients.

I realized that many of my small business clients and micropreneurs really just wanted the tools and strategy tools to execute their vision. I’m excited to share a lot of what I have learned through e-classes, workshops and coaching.

I’ll be sharing my other thoughts on marketing, branding and more. Can’t wait to share more soon!