hotspotAs someone who is often on the go with my laptop in tow, I can tell you that there is nothing worse than getting to a place where you think there is Wi-Fi access only to find that there isn’t, or that the Wi-Fi signal is weak.  So when I ran across this little device called Karma, I thought, “What a great idea.” Karma is pay-as-you go Wi-Fi access that you can take anywhere. There are several compelling reasons the guys at Karma are on to something big. First, Karma works on any device that has Wi-Fi access. But not only do you have Wi-Fi,  you actually create a network that others can share! When others connect to your branded network (how cool is that!) you get bonus Wi-Fi data, so essentially Karma pays you for sharing your network. Thus the term karma and the beginning of a new concept in Wi-Fi access, social bandwidth. Priced at just $79, Karma is pretty affordable and a cool way to connect and share. Visit for more details.