howtofinishLast year I started writing and book and it took longer than I expected to finish. There were many legitimate reasons why it took so long.  I was writing the book in between working on several higher priority projects, and the week that I had set aside several dedicated days to finish the book, I found myself knocked out with a stomach bug.

When I picked the book back up after some time away from working on it, I realized I was actually much further along than I thought.  Over the holidays I had some blocks of time that were uninterrupted and I worked on the layout, the title and copy edits. I breezed through the last of the tasks I had on my list. As I approached the end of the writing, editing and design process, something happened.

Well, nothing happened.

I had no legitimate reasons not to finish, no obstacles, no larger projects.  I was actually completing things at a much faster rate than I anticipated, and as I approached the finish line, I actually felt kind of scared.  I think I got scared for a few reasons.  I’m so used to fighting and battling to get things that are important to me, when I encounter an open path, I’m not sure what to do. I got scared because there wasn’t an uphill battle and no obstacles in my way.   I also realized I would have no excuses–legitimate or otherwise. I was at the finish line, and I would have to be ready to cross it and be prepared for the ‘what’s next.’

I found a few things that helped me get over my fear of finishing. I hope they help you, too.

  • Make timelines based on tasks, not time. Break out all the tasks you have to do and use those as a guide for completing, not arbitrary dates.
  • Get rid of distractions like social media and TV.
  • Set aside daily blocks of time with rewards after completing. Dedicated time, whether it be 15 minutes or two hours are really what helped me finish. And after that time I rewarded myself with time to do something fun, or a small treat.

Do you have a fear of finishing? I know that sometimes I do.  Is it because you’ve grown accustomed to being in the middle of things. Is it a fear of success or a fear or failure?  I’d love to hear from you.

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