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Email Marketing Basics

This is the first post in a series about email marketing. I hope this post serves as food for thought about your email marketing efforts. In my upcoming  posts, I will be writing  on the how-to aspects of email marketing: planning, creating and deploying your emails. I’ll also talk a little about my favorite email marketing tools. Whether you offer your readers a great deal or a good story, one of the biggest signs of a good email campaign is that your readers keep clicking ‘open’ week after week. Here’s how to do that.

Get personal
Everyone has a story to tell — don’t be afraid to share yours.  A wonderful story gives your readers insight about you and allows them to get to know you. This especially works for service professional like life coaches, nutritionist and realtors to name a few, where the person is an integral part of the business. Hollis Gillespie is a genius at telling funny, engaging stories to her emails while she weaves in information about her events and workshops.

Testimonials are an extension of the idea above. Interview your customers! Let them share their positive experiences with your readers. Profile your clients! Get your employees involved! Lush Cosmetics does a great job by posting their employee’s reviews of new products.

Be visual
Great photography, illustrations, charts and graphics are always engaging. Make sure your visuals are web optimized.

The home and garden site offers emails that are chocked full of gardening and how-to information. I know each week I’ll get content that is relevant and useful. What can you provide that is of use to your readers?

Compelling Offers
Don’t be afraid to make an offer your customers can’t refuse. Occasionally test special discounts or freebies for your subscribers. Don’t forget to track the effectiveness of the offers.


What emails do you enjoy receiving?