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Recently, I have had the opportunity to work with several coaches by assisting them with their website and branding strategies. I’ll be sharing some of these projects in the near future. The coaching industry is wonderful in the fact that many coaches are able to build their businesses around helping others. I am also personally fulfilled by working with coaches. Each has a unique gift and it is rewarding to help them find ways to share their message with the world. Whether your expertise is in business coaching, life coaching, health coaching or another area, there are several important ways your website can help you build your business.

Build Your Brand
A great website will help you build your brand. Creating a cohesive look and messaging across all of your marketing channels including online presence, will give you credibility and help you share your unique experience and perspective.

Attract New Customers
Through SEO, search and referrals, your website should help you attract the types of clients you want to work with.

Become an Information Resource
Your website should be a content rich resource for visitors to learn more about you and your business.

Nurture Leads
Helping you maintain relationships and stay connected with people until the time is right for them to use your services, is a valuable tool that will help you turn potential customers into paying clients.

Communicate Your Events
Your website should be the hub for all the things you are doing, like workshops, classes and events.

Promote ‘Special’ Things
New book, new program, new niche? Setting up landing pages via your website will help you communicate to a specific audience.

Streamline Your Business.
As a business tool your website should assist you with mundane business processes including booking appointments and accepting payments.

If you are a coach, I’d love to hear your success stories and ways you use your website to help your business.