Today, I want to share a little secret with you about why your website may not be producing the results you want.

Your website was created for a purpose. And that purpose was more than likely to help potential clients and customers find you, let them know about you and ultimately to get clients and customers to buy your stuff. Your stuff may be products or services or a combination of both.  Whatever your stuff is, your website should make it easy and inviting for customers to learn more, get questions answered and ultimately buy the stuff your offer.  But often websites fail at this. I’ve worked for and with big and small businesses and  on websites of various sizes, and I have found that regardless of the size of the business or website, websites typically fail in converting visitors to paid customer for the same reason.
And here’s the reason. Drumroll, please….

Websites fail because the creator of the site failed to view the site the way that a potential customers would.

Customers look for signs and directions when they are on a site, the same way a driver looks for directional and street signs, but many sites fail to give visitors these action indicators.  This is something large businesses spend lots of money fixing, but small businesses often completely miss. Fortunately, often simple tweaks are all that is needed to improve your site and to convert more viewers into customers.
Here’s how to begin fixing these issues.

First, view your site as a customer would and anticipate what they are looking for, questions they may have and an easy way to get to your stuff. Then create the signs that they need to get to the action you want. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Create clear call to actions- Tell customers what you want them to do. Add buttons that prompt customers to take action. Examples of this would be Contact, set up an appointment, make a purchase.
  • Encourage sign- ups – Often times  customers are interested but not yet. You have to find a way to make customers leave y
  • Add Contact forms – Contact forms encourage people to do just that. Contact You!
  • Social platforms- Providing links to the social gives them an easy way to stay in touch.
  • Provide FAQS and Help- If your product or service needs more explanation. Try FAQs (Facts and Questions). These are especially if you are selling big ticket products and services. FAQs give customers more in-depth information as well as assurance that there is actual support around your product.

What tweaks can you make on your website? I would love to hear from you!