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When I work with clients on branding projects, it is very important for me to make sure we have phenomenal communication. Often times talking is good, but everyone has different communication styles. Presenting strong visuals early on in the project allows the client to really be able to see, evaluate and make sure the visual branding meets their marketing and other objectives.  One of my favorite ways to  facilitate the branding design process is to work with mood boards. Mood board help me give my clients something that is very visual and that really speaks to the feel of their brand.  I can establish color, texture and the overall branding look on a high level before we do detail work. I find this method saves us time, and ultimately saves the client money. It also alleviates the disconnect between words and design that is so common. Above is the mood board created for Born 2 Blossom, one of my newest clients. Check back as I’ll be posting more on our branding project.