How to plan an editorial calendar

Struggling with Creating Content? Read this.

A few weeks ago I shared to my email subscribers  how  I struggled to create  content for my own website, although I used to work professionally as a content producer. Crazy, huh? When it came to creating content for my own social media channels and blogs, I really had a hard time. I knew exactly what to do - I just didn't apply the same principles and strategies I had used when content creation was my full time job.  I thought I could wing it and that was a huge problem. It's easy to shortcut tasks in your own business, a mistake I see many entrepreneurs make. Sometimes writing blogs and posting to social media channels falls to the … [Read More...]


What is Periscope and How to Use It

I've spent a lot of time over the last few weeks checking out Periscope and I am pretty excited about it. What is Periscope, you ask? It's a newish live broadcasting app that was recently acquired by Twitter. Periscope allows content creators to instantly broadcast video with their phone from anywhere and to anyone in the world. Viewers can watch live broadcasts from across the world. What Makes Periscope Cool Periscope allows users to broadcast live from anywhere  by simply using their mobile phone. That means no equipment or mics and allows for both spontaneous and planned broadcasts. Periscope adds the power of video to the real … [Read More...]


Refresh your brand: Your guide to updating your brand or rebranding your business

This post is an online celebration of my business rebrand. Consider this your invitation to the party! I am super excited about my results and the new direction of my business and my rebranding story. I created this post to share my rebranding story and what I have learned, as well as some tips and resources for you to use if you want to refresh your current brand or rebrand your business altogether. If you are new to business, you can use this guide as well!   What is a brand? Before we talk about rebranding, let’s cover what branding is and isn’t. Your branding isn’t just a logo. It is all the elements that convey your business’s … [Read More...]


How to Balance Multiple Passions

Anyone who knows me knows that one thing that I don’t lack, is ideas for  new business endeavors. I even (seriously) joked with a friend about opening a business that provided business ideas for others. I love being creative and having multiple passions, but as many know,  that creative trait also has its down sides. Too many great ideas pursued at one time can be disastrous (been there, done that). Over the years I’ve become better about strategically pursuing my passions  in a way that is smarter and not as scattered. I’m sharing things that have helped me in hopes that you can benefit from them as well. Write a personal mission … [Read More...]

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