How to Balance Multiple Passions

Anyone who knows me knows that one thing that I don’t lack, is ideas for  new business endeavors. I even (seriously) joked with a friend about opening a business that provided business ideas for others. I love being creative and having multiple passions, but as many know,  that creative trait also has its down sides. Too many great ideas pursued at one time can be disastrous (been there, done that). Over the years I’ve become better about strategically pursuing my passions  in a way that is smarter and not as scattered. I’m sharing things that have helped me in hopes that you can benefit from … [Read More...]

how to package your servicew

How to Create Your First Money Making Service Package

I love to  buy products that come in pretty packages.  My favorites are cosmetics and stationary,  but I can be a sucker for anything that's wrapped up nicely because the packaging can make whatever is inside seem very exciting. It’s easy to create a pretty package when giving a gift or even when have a physical product to sell a real, but it’s much harder to package your service offerings in a way that makes them appealing. A great service offering clearly states what you do and showcases your skills in aptitudes in a way that shows your value so that makes customers engage your services and … [Read More...]


How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Brand

Do you like color, love picking hues for your home, can coordinate your wardrobe like a pro - but have a hard time selecting colors for your own brand? If so, this post is for you.  I frequently get asked by people struggling to pick colors for their website or brand about my process for creating color palettes.  So I thought I would share some of  the things I do when creating a color palette, as well as a few of my favorite resources. Get started by doing research (the fun kind) I like to do as much research as I can to understand the industry and business that I am working in. It’s good … [Read More...]

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