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How to Create Your First Money Making Service Package

I love to  buy products that come in pretty packages.  My favorites are cosmetics and stationary,  but I can be a sucker for anything that's wrapped up nicely because the packaging can make whatever is inside seem very exciting. It’s easy to create a pretty package when giving a gift or even when have a physical product to sell a real, but it’s much harder to package your service offerings in a way that makes them appealing. A great service offering clearly states what you do and showcases your skills in aptitudes in a way that shows your value so that makes customers engage your services and … [Read More...]


How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Brand

Do you like color, love picking hues for your home, can coordinate your wardrobe like a pro - but have a hard time selecting colors for your own brand? If so, this post is for you.  I frequently get asked by people struggling to pick colors for their website or brand about my process for creating color palettes.  So I thought I would share some of  the things I do when creating a color palette, as well as a few of my favorite resources. Get started by doing research (the fun kind) I like to do as much research as I can to understand the industry and business that I am working in. It’s good … [Read More...]


How to Finally Finish Your Lingering Projects

Last year I started writing and book and it took longer than I expected to finish. There were many legitimate reasons why it took so long.  I was writing the book in between working on several higher priority projects, and the week that I had set aside several dedicated days to finish the book, I found myself knocked out with a stomach bug. When I picked the book back up after some time away from working on it, I realized I was actually much further along than I thought.  Over the holidays I had some blocks of time that were uninterrupted and I worked on the layout, the title and copy … [Read More...]

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